howto load and unload a module

Guy Robinson guy at
Sat Jun 25 00:04:59 CEST 2005

> BTW, question for the OP: what on earth is the use-case for this? Bulk 
> checking of scripts written by students?
> Cheers,
> John

I've embedded python in an application which has a .NET API. So users can write 
scripts in python that access the .NET API. Because of the way the API works 
running scripts is a 2 stage process. First you select a script from a list then 
run the selected script. All scripts must therefore share a common calling 
function name and I wanted to test this function existed.

I will have no idea the name or how many or how complicated the scripts will be 
so it seemed a good idea to try and free up memory from the scripts that won't 
be run.

 >(It's hard to judge a poster's level of expertise in Python without any 
example >code from him.

I'm not a professional programmer so my terminology is probably confusing.It 
looks like I shouldn't worry about memory issues.

Thanks for your help Peter and John,


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