How to receive events (eg. user mouse clicks) from IE

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Resurrecting an old thread..
It seems that this solution does not return events on objects within
frames in webpages eg . if you go to - the page
is composed of three frames called as topFrame main and address. Now
when I click on say 'Select a Vehicle' which is within main - I do not
get any Onclick event. I also do not get an OnMousemove event if I move
the mouse. However, I do get on Mousemove event on a tag called as
frameset (which is part of the top page).
How does one get events from the frames then?
As always thanks a lot.

Roger Upole wrote:
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> ...
> > The problem is that msdn documentation says that in order to identify
> > the element that was clicked - one has to query on IHTMLWindow2::event
> > property on iHTMLWindow2 interface to get IEventOBj interface and then
> > from there - use query interfce to get to the id of the element.
> >
> > How do I do this in python? ie. I have this code
> > class Doc_Events(doc_mod.HTMLDocumentEvents):
> >    def Ononclick(self):
> >        print 'onClick fired '
> > and I see onClick being trapped.
> > Now I need to go and get a reference to the iHTMLWindow2 interface. For
> > this I need to get a reference to doc_mod (as far as I can see). How do
> > I get that in the OnonClick method above.
> To get the IHTMLWindow2, you can just use self.parentWindow
> inside the event hander, and then get the event from it.  And then
> the event's srcElement should be what you need.
> class Doc_Events(doc_mod.HTMLDocumentEvents):
>     def Ononclick(self):
>         print 'onclick'
>         ev=self.parentWindow.event
>         src=ev.srcElement
>         print 'tagName:',src.tagName,'name:',src.getAttribute('name')
> For clicking on google's input field, this yields
> tagName: INPUT name: q
> >
> > b) You had mentioned PumpWaitingMessages in the previous posting. I
> > first encountered this on newsgroup postings. None of the standard
> > books (python on win32 / python developer) seem to explain this in
> > detail although this seems to be commonly used. Though I understand
> > this now - my problem is that there seems to be a lack of cohesive
> > explanation on how python ties up with COM (despite a good chapter 12
> PumpWaitingMessages is just a way to ensure that normal message processing
> (window messages, events, dde, etc) happens while python code is running.
> Normally you don't need it, but every once in a while you hit a situation
> where
> blocking occurs.
> For how exactly python interacts with COM, the source is your best bet.
>         Roger
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