When someone from Britain speaks, Americans hear a "British accent"...

Tim Churches tchur at optushome.com.au
Thu Jun 30 00:14:13 CEST 2005

muldoon wrote:
> Americans consider having a "British accent" a sign of sophistication
> and high intelligence. Many companies hire salespersons from Britain to
> represent their products,etc. Question: When the British hear an
> "American accent," does it sound unsophisticated and dumb?
> Be blunt. We Americans need to know. Should we try to change the way we
> speak? Are there certain words that sound particularly goofy? Please
> help us with your advice on this awkward matter.

To true Pythonistas, the only regional English accent which denotes
sophistication and high intelligence is the Dutch-English accent.

For those wishing to practice their faux-Dutch-English accent
(absolutely necessary  if you are to be taken seriously at any
Python-related gathering, no matter where in the world it is held),
some examples to emulate can be found here (needs Quicktime):


and here:


Tim C

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