C++ ActiveX python javascript communication trouble.

whimsica whimsica at aol.com
Wed Jun 22 10:33:46 CEST 2005

I'm investingating a c++ api, Panda3d.com, that has a python binding.
I want to convert this api into an ACtiveX control so it will run on
the web.  When I do so I want to use Microsoft Script Control to call
api routines from Javascript in the browser.

Let's say I write up a game in python with my own functions. Then I
embed it in a web page and I want to call my functions from javascript?
How can I do it. Script control allows you to bind api functions to
javascript, but not the functions in my python file.

Adobe Atmoshere a 3D application that ran in a web page, had a
javascript binding. You could write code in a javascript file, and it
would be interpreted during start-up. After that, I could send function
calls in the form of a string from the browser to atmosphere. How did
this work?  Is the api aware of the python functions and variables
after it is loaded up?


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