Python for everything?

xeys_00 at xeys_00 at
Thu Jun 30 22:53:54 CEST 2005

I posted a article earlier pertaining programming for my boss. Now I am
gonna ask a question about programming for myself. I just finished my
first C++ Class. Next semester is a class on encryption(and it's
probably gonna be a math class too). And finally back in programming in
the fall with C++ and Java 1. The C++ will cover pointers, and linked
lists, sorting algorithms, etc... I run linux and OS X. I have read in
the old days that C was used for everything. It was a systems
programming language, and also did a lot of the same stuff Bash scripts
and perl do now. So, in that era, C did it all, from short to tall. My
question is, can Python "do it all"? I am wondering what to learn as my
scripting language. I have read that perl is good up to about 250
lines, and after that it gets kind of hairy. However, from what little
I have heard about Python, it's very well suited for readability due to
the whitespace requirements of the language, and very good for large
projects due to it's large amount of modules and it's object oriented
structure. I would like opinions as to the suitability of Python as a
general purpose language for programming unix, everything from short
scripts to muds. Thanks for your patience, opinions, and comments.


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