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Fri Jun 24 00:26:48 CEST 2005

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> Well can anyone tell me how do I login into newsgroup using Mozilla
> 1.7.7. What should be the username? (I tried with with my e-mail address
> I subscribed with but failed to log-in). The password asked during
> log-in is the one I subscribed with?

You don't log into newsgroups.  You do log into newsservers when they 
require you to do so.   If and when you do so, you use the userid and 
password given to you or possibly selected by you.  The userid is typically 
not your email address.

You usually also have to 'register' the account with your newsreader, 
telling it whether login is required and if so, the id and passwd.  It then 
does the login for you.

The server turns several technical mailing lists into 
newsgroups.  For instance, the python mail list becomes 
gmane.comp.python.general.  It does not require login, so it would be an 
easy one to start with.  You may notice that I am posting thru gmane.

Terry J. Reedy

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