List of all installed applications (XP)?

Guy Lateur guy.lateur at
Thu Jun 23 13:37:05 CEST 2005

| What -- from your point of view -- is an "application"?

Good question. Let me try to elaborate: I would like to know if people in 
our company (building techniques) are using non-licensed software (eg 
Photoshop, Office, AutoCad). So I guess by 'application' I mean commercial 
software packages like those.

Is it safe to assume those apps get listed in AppPath? I don't think my 
users are cunning enough to mess with the registry, so I guess we're talking 
about the 'standard' installation.

| Neither does every app have an Add/Remove Program
| entry. (And some things have entries which aren't apps).

Just out of curiosity: can one read the info/list one gets in Add/Remove 
Programs? It's not a problem I get results that aren't actually apps, but it 
is important I get all apps.


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