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Aditi drool.galz at
Fri Jun 24 11:38:46 CEST 2005

Konstantin Veretennicov wrote:
> Pardon me, is it a real company or a fictious one?

I think my previous mail was in plain understandable english which can
be easily interpreted and clearly says the project has been assigned in
a not so intelligent spirit and thus sounds fictitious. I think going
through a problem before trying to reply is also a good idea.

> If you have real users, your first step is to talk to them to define
> project goals. Everything else (xml, python, etc.) is irrelevant until
> you know *what* you want to build.

Had this been possible I would not have posted the problem at all.

> Go talk to your potential users, know why (if at all) they need this
> monitoring system, learn their current tools and processes, see how
> your system could help them do their job more efficiently. Don't start
> coding until you have clear understanding of requirements.

> There are lots of nice intelligent people on this list, but they can't
> substitute people you are building this system for :)

Nice and intelligent people on this list and many other lists have
helped my by giving some suggestions and sharing their knowledge
...others who have not understood the problem can continue thinking
that they are also nice and intelligent. (:-))

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