Favorite non-python language trick?

Roy Smith roy at panix.com
Fri Jun 24 18:14:39 CEST 2005

Tom Anderson  <twic at urchin.earth.li> wrote:
> The one thing i really do miss is method overloading by parameter
> type.  I used this all the time in java

You do things like that in type-bondage languages like Java and C++
because you have to.  Can you give an example of where you miss it in

If you want to do something different based on the type of an
argument, it's easy enough to do:

def foo (bar):
    if type(bar) == whatever:
       do stuff
	do other stuff

replace type() with isistance() if you prefer.

> No, it's not really possible in a typeless language, 

Python is not typeless.  It's just that the types are bound to the
objects, not to the containers that hold the objects.

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