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Thu Jun 9 20:24:48 CEST 2005

Hi Chad !

I dont know how to use smtpd, but... why not use Twisted ?

See ya !

Em Quinta 09 Junho 2005 21:13, Hughes, Chad O escreveu:
> No, I know how to use the smtplib module and I can send email through
> that.  However what I want is a the ability to set up a very simple mail
> server with python, for some tests that I need to run that just prints
> out the message to the standard out and disregards the message.  The
> smtpd module seems to provide this ability via the DebuggingServer.
> According to the documentation that is provided with python the:
> class DebuggingServer( localaddr, remoteaddr)
>   Create a new debugging server.
>   Arguments are as per SMTPServer.
>   Messages will be discarded, and printed on stdout.
> Unfortunately, this does not tell me how to use it.  I cannot find any
> examples on the web.  For that matter, I cannot find any other
> documentation anywhere.  Has anyone ever used ether the SMTPServer
> object or the DebuggingServer object?  If so, I would appreciate very
> much an example use case.
> Thanks,
> Chad
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> So youre wondering how to send mail in python? I have a lot of examples
> if
> you want the smtp module. I don't have anything for anything other than
> the
> smtp module.
> -Ivan
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