Favorite non-python language trick?

D H d at e.f
Fri Jun 24 18:34:55 CEST 2005

Roy Smith wrote:
> Tom Anderson  <twic at urchin.earth.li> wrote:
>>The one thing i really do miss is method overloading by parameter
>>type.  I used this all the time in java
> You do things like that in type-bondage languages like Java and C++
> because you have to.  Can you give an example of where you miss it in
> Python?

Well it's coming to a future Python version, so apparently there are 
many who can use it:
I don't know if you'll have method overloading, but there will be type 
checking.  It's not actually compile-time "static typing" though.  The 
type checking still happens at run-time similar to your isinstance 
example, making code run slightly slower than a normal python method:
"Type checking is going to slow down your code." -GVR 2005 keynote, 

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