anygui,anydb, any opinions?

Tim Roberts timr at
Thu Jun 9 05:06:36 CEST 2005

Renato Ramonda <renato.ramonda at> wrote:
>wxWidgets apps look ALMOST native on windows (combobox and similar 
>widgets are emulated, and look really bad),

That just isn't true.  They use the standard combo box.

>Last time I looked wx did not have spacers (vbox, hbox and the like)... 
>this leads to ugly non resizable vb-style guis, in my experience

wx uses "sizers" to do the same thing.  Same purpose, different philosophy.
I find sizers more natural, but people should certainly stick to whatever
makes them comfortable.

>And that's not even starting to consider the version mess: try to 
>install xCHM, Boa Constructor, aMule, VLC and some other app together... 
>instant madness.

They why would you do it?  gvim and wxPython do the job for me.  No mess.
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