random module question

Paul Rubin http
Mon Jun 6 02:57:32 CEST 2005

"Roose" <b at b.b> writes:
> Can I rely on the random.py module to produce the same series of numbers for 
> future/past versions of Python, given the same seed?  Can I rely on it 
> across different architectures and operating systems?
> I looked at the docs and couldn't find this stated anywhere.  My feeling is 
> yes, but it's a fairly big claim so I want to make sure.

I do not think you should rely on this.  It uses a very specific
algorithm (Mersenne Twister) which is written in C and is nonstandard,
and future Python implementers shouldn't be expected to implement the
exact same algorithm.  It's probably already unavailable in Jython.

See SF bug 917055 for some further discussion.

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