Using PAMIE to upload and download it possible?

scrimp scrimp212 at
Mon Jun 6 19:00:46 CEST 2005

Ive been using PAMIE 1.4 to try to automate web page processes. The one
thing I cannot do with it is upload files and download files.

With uploading files, the file input box does not allow PAMIE to enter
in a path to a file.

With downloading files, I can click on the link to download the file,
but thats where I get stuck at. It brings up that download window and
then it brings up the where to save window.

Theres no errors that I encounter when I get stuck at these spots it
justs sits there not knowing what to do.

If anyone has had success in both uploading or downloading or even some
insight, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!

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