Python JavaScript solution to hold vertical scroll bar

David Pratt fairwinds at
Tue Jun 28 05:13:09 CEST 2005

Hi.  I am putting together a database application on Zope. I have built 
a pager for my records (20 per page) but do not want the browser scroll 
  bars to reset to the top of the browser each time the pager is 
advanced to the previous or next page. The normal behavior is fine for 
everything but the anchor tags  I am using for the pager.

Instead of resetting when a new page is sellected, I want the vertical 
scrollbar to maintain its  position so when the link is clicked, the 
vertical scrollbar position is passed to the next page (so the page 
does not jerk to the top but stay in the same position).

I am using css to style anchor tags as buttons and am currently passing 
the record start position for the page to the next page.
ie   <a class="page_plain"  

I am assuming the best way of handling this would be to pass the 
current vertical scroll position as a parameter to a JavaScript.  Does 
anyone have such a solution or other advice for solving this?


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