Database recommendations for Windows app

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jun 23 19:21:07 CEST 2005

Dan wrote:
> So in SQLLite, what happens of you try to store XYZ in an integer field?

Without your having enabled any of the "affinity" options mentioned by 
Dave Cook, SQLite will happily store 'XYZ' in that column, and return it 
to you when you query that row.  The types are either ignored, or 
advisory, or meaningful in various ways, depending on the settings you pick.

Note that this is considered something as a desirable feature in the 
SQLite community, in a similar fashion (it appears to me) to how dynamic 
typing is considered in the Python community, so don't consider it 
outright to be a Bad Thing.  I'd say more on the issue, if I knew 
anything that I hadn't just read in the documentation. ;-)


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