how to use more than 1 __init__ constructor in a class ?

jean-marc jmdeschamps at
Thu Jun 23 12:13:45 EDT 2005

Singletoned wrote:
> Rocco Moretti wrote:
> > Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> <snip>
> > > That's the joys of a mostly self-taught programming knowledge: you miss
> > > out on all the buzzwords.
> >
> > Being mostly self taught myself, I have a tendancy to use infrequently
> > encountered terms in related but technically inappropriate contexts,
> > confusing the better informed people I deal with. ;-)
> Indeed.  I find I use even more buzzwords because I can just make up as
> many as I want.
This thread 'branch' (humm, is this an appropriate term for the last
few quotes, going to Steven's?) is soothing in reminding us we are not
alone. That there is a sort of distributed 'Alma Mater' of the
'Teach-It-Yourself School of Computing', producing a virtual FOAF group
(Is FOAF, Friend Of A Friend or Flock Of A Feather?)


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