Better console for Windows?

Rune Strand rune.strand at
Tue Jun 28 05:01:45 CEST 2005

Brett Hoerner wrote:

> Another problem with is when I run IPython, if I have an error,
> or tab or anything, I get the speaker beep (ala linux) but I can't find
> a way to turn it off.  This is a huge problem because I cannot disable
> my system speaker on my laptop (not even in BIOS like my old one, and
> it's an "error", it bypasses the fact that all my sound is muted in
> Windows) and I get incredibly loud beeps all the time (because I suck)
> which would not be acceptable while I'm coding on the sly in boring
> class.

I know that problem... it's extremely annoying!
Here's one way to solve it;

1. Start 'Device manager'.
2. On the menu, click 'View' and check off "Show hidden devices"
3. Locate 'Beep' 'under Non-Plug and Play Drivers'
4. Right-click 'Beep', select 'Disable'

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