access properties of parent widget in Tkinter

William Gill noreply at
Thu Jun 16 18:04:48 CEST 2005

Kent Johnson wrote:
> William Gill wrote:
>> I am trying to get & set the properties of a widget's parent widget. 
>> What I have works, but seems like a long way around the block.  First 
>> I get the widget name using w.winfo_parent(), then i convert the name 
>> to a reference using nametowidget().
>>   self.nametowidget(event.widget.winfo_parent()).hasChanged= True
> Personally I think it is bad design for a widget to assume anything 
> about its enclosing environment. What about passing a StringVar or 
> IntVar to the child widget and letting it work with that?
> Kent

A little more research into stringVar, and the stringVar.trace() method 
may be one way to go.  It may be simpler, or more convoluted having so 
many stringVar objects. I'll do some experimenting, but I'm still open 
to other ideas.


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