Open running processes

DeRRudi der.rudi at
Thu Jun 30 10:32:49 CEST 2005

> Tim Goldenwrote:

> Rudi. I, at least, am reading this via the mailing list, not
> via Usenet nor via Google. This means that if you don't put
> any kind of context in what you post, I have to guess at what
> you're responding to. (All I see is the exact text you typed,
> nothing else).
> Assuming that you're answering my question: why use mmap and
> not just two events? I understand what your overall plan is,
> and it looks like you have a way to solve it. It just seemed
> that you might be able to achieve the same thing with two
> events: one for maximize and one for minimize. Why would
> this be better? Well, only because it seems to me slightly simpler
> than one event and a separate mmap mechanism. But I've never
> done what you're doing, so I may well be completely wrong.

Hi Tim,

I'm sorry did not realize it! 
U are right! (i believe) at first i put in the minimize for testing.
I'm only using the maximize.
But it seemed handy to do it this way and beeing abled to send over
data from an other programm. That's what i want to use the mmap for.
Or am i missing something. because i'm not really seeing what your
point is. Because it is a complete different process what is calling
the maximize (or minimize) i can't just create an event and call it
(or can i?)


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