Software licenses and releasing Python programs for review

poisondart poisondart985 at
Fri Jun 10 02:48:30 CEST 2005

1. You seem to ignore the fact that volunteer teachers exist.

2. I aspire to not repeat history. Esp. history that I don't completely
agree with...

The description I supplied for the license I had in mind was not ready
for your scrutiny, but as somebody else said licensing is less trivial
than we would like it to be. In practice, the GPL would probably be the
closest to what I'd want, but the problem is that I don't agree with
the practice. Why? because it's not tailored to how I want to release
my software.

This discussion has gone far out of my interest. Thank you all you've
made me realize the complexity and breadth of the issue. I'm just going
to keep coding and re-think cautiously the future of my software.

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