Better console for Windows?

Brett Hoerner bretthoerner at
Tue Jun 28 05:33:35 CEST 2005

Benji York wrote:
> To make the console full screen hit Alt-Enter.  The same thing makes it
> windowed again.  To accommodate very long lines click the "C:\" icon in
> the upper left corner of the window, choose "Properties" and then change
> the "Screen Buffer Size" Width and Height to something more to your liking.
> While you're there I'd recommend turning on "QuickEdit Mode" on the
> "Options" tab.  Then you can drag with your left mouse button to select
> an area of text, right click to copy, then right click again to paste.

Thanks very much, not sure why I always missed those.  I guess I was
just frustrated in general.  This will make python a lot more


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