Boss wants me to program

Brian desertgarden at
Mon Jun 27 22:28:24 CEST 2005

Hi Xeys,

Even though I absolutely love Python...

Microsoft Visual Basic (.NET) would be your best bet for this type of 
software development.  It allows you to create GUI apps that can work 
with a variety of database options, such as Access or MS SQL Server.

My personal opinion is this:
1) Python shines the best on the server realm.
2) shines the best on the client-computer realm.


xeys_00 at wrote:
> I'm a manager where I work(one of the cogs in a food service company).
> The boss needed one of us to become the "tech guy", and part of that is
> writing small windows programs for the office. He wants the development
> work done in house, and he knows I am in school for a CS minor. I know
> basic C++(Part 2 of that is in the fall), and I will be taking Java 1
> in the fall also. What is the easiest way for me to make windows
> programs that will do basic things like(Inventory, Menu Management,
> etc...)? I have heard visual basic is where it's at. I want to keep an
> open mind though, so I am wondering if python could be an option. The
> programs have
> no speed requirement.  But they must be pretty, and not confuse my
> boss. Plus he wants well documented help for each function. I asked the
> windows programming group, but I thought I would ask here also. Thanks.
> Xeys

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