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Brian van den Broek bvande at
Tue Jun 21 20:33:42 CEST 2005

Michele Simionato said unto the world upon 21/06/2005 07:58:
> qwwee:
>>for a certain argument I'd prefer an application fully
>>explained (also if not covering all the features) to a more general
>>tutorial with only brief and unrelated code snippets.
>>Unfortunately, that's not the way things are normally done, because it
>>is much harder to build a useful application and fully comment it
> A part the Cookbook, I know of at least two Python books taking the
> approach you describe:
> 1. Dive into Python (Pilgrim)
> 2. Programming Python (Lutz)
> Dive into Python is free (and even translated in Italian on
>, IIRC)
>               Michele Simionato

Not free, but:

Practical Python, published by the same press as the Pilgrim, steps 
through incremental approaches to large (by book standards) 
applications. From the author's site:

"Hetland devotes the second half of the book to project development, 
taking great care to choose a series of ten increasingly complex 
applications that are of timely and wide-ranging interest to 
burgeoning and expert developers alike. Project focus includes 
automated document conversion, newsgroup administration, graphical PDF 
document generation, remote document maintenance, the creation of a 
peer-to-peer system with XML-RPC, database integration, and GUI and 
game development.


Brian vdB

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