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Tue Jun 14 10:29:04 CEST 2005

Kenneth McDonald <kenneth.m.mcdonald at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Here are some of the features I'd greatly like to have that I haven't  
> seen provided by the (relatively few) wiki engines I've looked at.  
> Mind you, I don't claim to have looked at even these few  
> exhaustively. (No time!) MoinMoin is the one I've looked at the most.

I do not like to write about vapourware, but anyway.... I am writing a
new simple wiki/forum in python (using Karrigell framework), the main
reason being that it needs some specialties not present in any other
wiki. Anyway, I am going to put some notes about what my wiki _will_ have.

> 1) Automatically generated table of contents, based on the outline  
> structure. This would be regenerated periodically (probably nightly)

easily done

> 2) Ability for users to add new subsections, but not to change that  
> part of the document structure which has been locked by the editor.

I have not considered this, but it could be doable

> 3) Clear visual distinction between material added by the users, and  
> material added or approved by the editor.

easily done

> 4) Legal-style numbering of sections, subsections, etc.

by section you mean section in text, or section as "a group of wiki
pages" ?
The first one is easily done, due to pluggable formatters.

> 5) Ability to have single pages containing both locked text (which  
> users cannot edit or delete) and unlocked text. Such a page would  
> consist of one or more locked blocks of text, interspersed with  
> comments put in by users. Users could put comments anywhere except  
> side a locked text block.

possible, with some limitations (internaly, the sections are 
represented as separate pages, each with separate set of access rights,
they are just rendered as one document)

> Ideally, this would also be something that doesn't depend on a  
> backend database or other things besides the web server and python  
> packages. This is not likely to be a wiki where huge amounts of  

more or less - storage is directly on filesystem, only if you need a
full-text search you need a database (e.g. sqlite).

You need Karrigell, though.

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