PyArg_ParseTuple and dict

sjh at sjh at
Mon Jun 6 03:03:56 CEST 2005

> 1. On the surface, there appears to be a bug. In the interests of
> finding out where the bug is, perhaps it would be better if you posted
> your minimal compilable runnable example of what *doesn't* work.

I'll post it later tonight.

> 2. To get you off the ground: *if* there is only one argument and it can
> only be described in general terms like "O" (i.e. you still need to
> check the type) then there is little point in using PyArg_ParseTuple;
> describe the function as using METH_O instead of METH_VARARGS, and
> access the arg directly.

So, I started out using "iO!" and having PyArgParseTuple do the type
checking for me (passing in an &PyDict_Type).

> 3. What is your platform? Which C compiler? What warnings does it give,
> [or would it give if allowed free speech]? Are you running Python 2.4 or
> 2.4.1?

Python 2.4 (#1, Mar 10 2005, 16:54:23) [C] on sunos5

Solaris 9 x86, forte 6.2

> 4. Do you get the same symptoms when you pass in a list instead of a
> dict? What about a minimal user-created object?

A list works fine, as does a 1 element tuple with a dict in it.  I'm
not sure what you mean by minimal user-created object.


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