Best Web dev language

Jon Slaughter Jon_Slaughter at
Sat Jun 11 02:22:28 EDT 2005

I'm trying to get into web development for creating a professional web site 
and I'm confused on which language I should use.  I've read some comparisons 
between the major languages and I was thinking that python might be the way 
to go for the most powerful and general language but I am not sure.  Does 
anyone know of any detailed and objective comparisons between the major 
languages(perl, php, java, javascript, etc...) that might help me get a 
clearer picture?

I have some experience with C/C++ but it has been some time since I have 
done any real programming... I'd prefer to use C++ style so I would no thave 
to learn a new language completely.  I've also read that one can use C/C++ 
to develop just as one would use any other language and I'm wondering if 
this is advisable? (since it seems most web pages are done in perl, python, 
or php?)

Also, can anyone recommend any book or web page that gives an introduction 
to the method in which one programs web sites? I am not clear on who one, 
for instance, would use C++ as the language for a web site except by using 
it to create html... I'm not sure if basicaly all languages goal is creating 
html dynamically or if there is more to do.  What I mean is that basicaly 
one is using some other language to wrap the html code or possibly generate 
it at run-time for dynamic results. (so all client based web interfaces are 
really just html readers but all this "extra" stuff is used to make certain 
things easier and dynamic(just as generating tables and forms and all that).

Thanks for any help,

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