Python documentation problem

Xah Lee xah at
Sat Jun 18 11:49:38 CEST 2005

> what is wrong with python doc

the problem is that the page essentially says nothing. Nothing that is
relevant to programing, and such nothingness occupies a significant
portion of the python doc. (at least a quarter) It is like reading a
manual to operate a machinery, and in every other paragraph it offers
the (technically-fantastically-correct) explanations of what bolt or
material were used where.

the cause of such nothingness situation is because the brainlessness
approach to doc organization coupled with standard computer industry
geeking moron's need to computer-sciency speak with implementation
infatuation. And in part it came to that really because they are
comparative morons.

for a more sincere, detailed account, please see:


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