Best Web dev language

D H d at e.f
Sat Jun 11 17:26:30 CEST 2005

Jon Slaughter wrote:
> I'm trying to get into web development for creating a professional web site 
> and I'm confused on which language I should use.  I've read some comparisons 
> between the major languages and I was thinking that python might be the way 
> to go for the most powerful and general language but I am not sure.  Does 
> anyone know of any detailed and objective comparisons between the major 
> languages(perl, php, java, javascript, etc...) that might help me get a 
> clearer picture?

The one that is most popular and has by far the most open source example 
applications out there is PHP (plus MySQL for databases).  It's been 
that way for many years now.  It is also much cheaper and easier to find 
PHP/MySQL hosting.  Search for many example PHP web 

I hope you realize that by posting your question on the Python newsgroup 
instead of a general web development newgroup, you're going to get 
extremely biased answers.  If you do go with Python, check out the 
mod_python module for the Apache web server.

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