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Grant Edwards grante at visi.com
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On 2005-06-18, cpunerd4 <cpunerd4 at gmail.com> wrote:

> thanks all for the advice. The reason I was thinking about using java
> (or C or something) was that it is a little more secure than
> distributing the source code isn't it?

A little.  Not much.  You don't have to distribute Python
source code, you know.  You can distribute the compiled
bytecode the same way you do in Java.

> And also, from what I know, the Java virtual machine is more
> popular (and installed on more computers).

I don't know about that.  Python is pretty much required on
most Linux systems.  All Redhat systems have had Python
installed since the beginning (the redhat installer and system
admin stuff was all written in Python).  Same with Mandrake:
Python is required and Java is optional and not installed by
default in the Linux distros I'm familiar with.

I don't know how many Windows systems have Java installed.
I don't think any of mine do.

> Although it might take me awhile to get to that stage. once
> again thanks for your advice. The Dive into Python book looks
> promising.

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