functions with unlimited variable arguments...

Chinook at
Mon Jun 20 03:29:40 CEST 2005

Xah said unto the world:
>oops... it is in the tutorial... sorry.
>though, where would one find it in the python reference?
i>.e. the function def with variable/default parameters.
>This is not a rhetorical question, but where would one start to look
>for it in the python ref?
>a language is used by programers. Subroutine definition with
>variable/default parameters is a basic issue a programer wants to know,
>and different languages differs very much in how they handle this. This
>is what i mean that the language doc should be programing oriented, as
>opposed to computer-sciency or implementation oriented...

I don't get to the reference docs much.  Mostly I use the quick reference 
guide and it's noted there in an easy to find manner.  If you have not 
checked it out then see:

Lee C

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