Non-blocking raw_input

Jorge Louis de Castro jobauk at
Tue Jun 28 12:29:35 CEST 2005

Thanks very much for you reply.

I have indeed tried the msvcrt module but none of the examples given works 
as described on a XP+SP2 box.
I have also looked at the twisted module but some functions there do not 
work on windows too, and I was told by one of the devs that it would stay 
that way for some time.

Basically, I just want to wait for user input and echo it, though while the 
user is not typing anything I'd like to have a background thread printing 
"Come on, you're taking too long" or similar stuff.
The problem is that I can only read (and in batch) the background thread 
printout messages on the console after feeding the raw_input function.

I can't find any examples or useful directions on the documentation and I've 
spent a few days googling this to no avail.
Is it not possible to have the thread print its stuff and then return to 
raw_input() ? Or use any function other than raw_input?

Any code examples, pseudo-code, or documentation directions will be highly 

Thanks in advance


>From: Peter Hansen <peter at>
>To: python-list at
>Subject: Re: Non-blocking raw_input
>Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 18:43:45 -0400
>Jorge Louis de Castro wrote:
> > Could anyone tell me whether I can find a non blocking alternative to
> > raw_input that works on windows? Is there not a python way of achieving
> > this? Can I find it somewhere in the documentation?
> > Any help will be highly appreciated
>Depending on what your requirements are (since you don't really say),
>the functionality in the standard msvcrt module might help.

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