Python choice of database

Philippe C. Martin philippe at
Tue Jun 21 22:01:59 CEST 2005

I guess I use databases to store .... data ;-) and I do not wish to worry
about the type of data I'm storing. That's why I love to pickle.

I understand that during an optimization phase, decisions might be taken to
handle data otherwise.



GMane Python wrote:

> For my database, I have a table of user information with a unique
> identifier, and then I save to the filesystem my bitmap files, placing the
> unique identifier, date and time information into the filename.  Why stick
> a photo into a database?
> For instance:
> User Table:
> uniqueID: 0001
> lNane: Rose
> fName: Dave
> Then save the bitmap with filename:
> 0001_13:00:00_06-21-2005.bmp
> To make things faster, I also have a table of filenames saved, so I can
> know exactly which files I want to read in.
> -Dave

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