What is different with Python ?

D H d at e.f
Mon Jun 20 04:10:16 CEST 2005

Peter Hansen wrote:
> D H wrote:

>> So you say he "has done relatively little serious development" and 
>> that he may not even know about Python.  I didn't see any evidence 
>> from those pages to draw either conclusion.  In fact the 4th paragraph 
>> quite contradicts them both.
> Clearly this is a matter of opinion.  

You're kidding right?  Did you even read the about page you cited?  The 
guy has been doing C++ development for decades, he wrote a book on it, 
and yet you say he has done "little serious development"???  That's 
absurd.  And he was the president of ACCU, which if you look on the ACCU 
page at the very top is a mention of Python.  And yet you suggested that 
he hasn't even heard of Python before.  Again, absurd.

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