collect data using threads

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Jun 14 18:50:10 CEST 2005

Peter Hansen wrote:
> James Tanis wrote:
>> I may be wrong here, but shouldn't you just use a stack, or in other 
>> words, use the list as a stack and just pop the data off the top. I 
>> believe there is a method pop() already supplied for you. 
> Just a note on terminology here.  I believe the word "stack" generally 
> refers to a LIFO (last-in first-out) structure, not what the OP needs 
> which is a FIFO (first-in first-out).

Or, perhaps he doesn't need either... as Kent points out (I should have 
read his post before replying above) this isn't what I think James and I 
both thought it was but something a little less usual...


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