Unhappy with numarray docs

Matt Feinstein nospam at here.com
Wed Jun 1 15:46:29 CEST 2005

I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out how to do file IO in
the numarray module-- I -did- (I think) figure it all out, eventually,
but it's left me in a rather sour mood.

1. The basic functions and methods: fromfile, fromstring, tofile, and
tostring, are buried, in non-alphabetical order, in two chapters that
list -all- the functions and methods. This is not user-friendly. The
explanations themselves, once I found them, are OK, but a line or two
of sample code is always nice. File IO is a real-world necessity in an
environment where most people use Matlab and/or IDL. And is it
obvious, btw, that reading data should be a function? What if I want
to read into a buffer?

2. The memmap documentation is screwed up in a more serious fashion. I
was able to deduce relatively rapidly that

from numarray.memmap import *

was needed for some of the example code. But I didn't immediately have
the degree of clairvoyance needed to figure out that

import numarray.numarryall as num

was required for the critical step of associating an array with a
MemmapSlice. Grr.

Matt Feinstein

There is no virtue in believing something that can be proved to be true.

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