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> Previously, on Jun 6, Thomas Bartkus said:
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> # > My 2 cents, I'm much more productive with Python and QT Builder as I
> # > am with VB and those aren't nearly as intergrated as VB's GUI/IDE. A
> # > language's productivity, I believe, rests on how high or low-level the
> # > language and its libraries are. Not just that though, productivity is
> # > also very much affected by the breadth of the libraries available.
> #
> # When scripting, Windows or Linux, I also am much more productive with
> # Python.
> # When automating a process for another human being, I am much more
> # with a RAD tool like VB.  The effort involved in creating the user front
> # simply overwhelms  all the considerable efficiencies of Python.
> #
> # When I code wxPython, I find I want to use VB to create/model my user
> # interface.  Once I prototype my Windows (Frames!) using VB, I can then
> # this to wxPython code.  What I couldn't do without the VB IDE was
> # and experiment with the impact of various layouts *before* I lay down
> # It is simply too onerous to experiment by code manipulation and too easy
> # swish around visually with a mouse.
> #
> # When I use a GUI designer like wxGlade, I still find it awkward enough
> # merit prototyping with the VB IDE and then mimic the windows I create
> # wxGlade.
> #
> # > Sure, GUI RAD solutions increase development in a very real way, but
> # > can find an offering for just about every language out there these
> #
> # Yes.  But the tools available for Python are still primitive compared to
> # tools like Delphi/Visual Studio.  I still don't know enough wxPython to
> # understand what the barriers are to creating a RAD visual design and
> # construction tool similar to the Visual Studio environment.
> # My ravings here are simply the result of a suspicion -
> #
> # - The suspicion is that the only barrier is the Python (and Linux!)
> # communities grossly underestimating the value of such an undertaking.
> # Thomas Bartkus
> #
> Hmm, it's not that simple though. Unfortunately efforts get spread
> among the various projects, wxPython is only one among many.

I realize that.  And I wouldn't consider it unfortunate that efforts are
spread amongs various projects.  It adds richness to the whole environment
but, yes, it does dilute efforts.

> You seem set on wxPython, ...
The attractiveness of wxPython here is that it extends the platform
neutrality of Python to GUI interfaces.  On a Windows platform, the work
looks like any other Windows program.  On Gnome/Linux, the identical code
fits right into the Gnome desktop scheme.  *Big* plus.

But stuck?  There is so much going, there is so little time, and I wallow in
ignorance.  Justification for my ravings is to coax out the experience of
others.  One can't help feeling that one is missing something important
simply because there isn't the time to evaluate everything in depth. And
much of this stuff *needs* to be examined in depth to give it a fair shot.

What neat things am I missing and should be looking at ?

> ... and its true, RAD projects based around that toolkit
> still seem to be in alpha/beta stages, but that does not go for all the
> toolkits. There are no barriers that I know of, but your comparing an
> application (vb) that has been 11+ years with one (wxglade) that has
> been around what.. maybe three years?

Yes.  And I'm sorry to sound like I was complaining (but I was :-)
I'm here because MS is well along it's declining years and I've jumped off
the .NET bandwagon.  New/wonderful things are no longer forthcoming from
that world.  They are in Linux/Python.

Thomas Bartkus

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