Two questions

rbt rbt at
Thu Jun 2 16:33:39 CEST 2005

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Philosophy not entirely aside, you should note that object code in any 
> language can "easily" be reverse-engineered in the same way, with the 
> only difference being the degree of ease involved.  If the code is worth 
> enough to someone that they are willing to risk violating your license 
> terms, they *will* be able to recover enough source code (whether it was 
> Python, C, or assembly) to do what they need.  

Don't intend to hijack this thread, but this bit interests me. I know 
several accomplished C/assembly programmers who have told me that 
reverse engineering object code from either of these two languages is 
anything but trivial. Yet, I *hear* and *read* the opposite all of the 
time. Can anyone actually demonstrate a decompile that mirrors the 
original source?

Also, I'd venture to say that the number of people in the world who can 
consistently reverse engineer object code is almost statistically 
insignificant... sure, they are out there, but you'll win the lottery 
before you meet one of them and most of them work for big, bad 
government agencies ;)

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