Open running processes

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Wed Jun 29 17:16:15 CEST 2005

| Well it doesnt work yet, but its gonna! ;)
| i've tested it with a little app. There is my main app (called it
| server) wich contains a thread. This thread listens to a mm (memory
| mapping) when an other program sets a flag
| (finished_producing_event.set() ) it just calls self.iconize(false)
| I'm not sure what pieces of code i have to post here.. posting all of
| it makes it too large i believe :)
| >From server:

[.. snip ..]

| def OnChange(self, event):
|         tekstding = shared_memory.readline()
|         if(tekstding.strip() ==
| "maximize"):
|             self.Iconize(False)
|             self.Show(False)
|         elif(tekstding.strip() ==
| "minimize"):
|             self.Iconize(True)
|             self.Show(True)
|         self.panel.tekst.SetValue(tekstding)
| [/code:1:080343f1b1]
| Hope you can see now how it works! Greetz

Interesting; but do you need to use shared memory at all?
Why not simply have two events; one for maximise, the
other for minimising? 


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