Python choice of database

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One db that is very much worth trying is Firebird.  This is an open
source Interbase 6.0 (Borland product) compatible db.  It is a
SourceForge project.  There are three versions: the super server which
is a client/server db, classic server (the one that I am very familiar
with) which is also a client/server db, and the embedded server which is
a standalone.  In order to access the database you need the open source
module KInterbasdb which is also a SourceForge project.  KInterbasdb is
a Python DB API 2.0 database driver.

Firebird has a lot of documentation.  Moreover it was made based on the
Interbase 6.0, which is was made open source by Borland, so all of
Borland's documentation and tools apply as well.

Firebird can be found at:

KInterbasdb can be found at:    

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I am looking for a stand-alone (not client/server) database solution for

1) speed is not an issue
2) I wish to store less than 5000 records
3) each record should not be larger than 16K

As I start with Python objects, I thought of using shelve, but looking
at the restrictions (record size + potential collisions) I feel I should
study my options a bit further before I get started.




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