PYSH? (was:Re: calling ksh script from python)

Paul McNett p at
Thu Jun 2 19:20:26 CEST 2005

Cameron Laird wrote:
> Infidel.  While I sure feel that way about csh(1), it
> surprises me you'd criticize ksh(1) so.  'Fact, 'mong
> all the *sh-s, I *recommend* ksh for programming.  May-
> be the two of us see things differently.

I keep wondering how difficult it would be to make a Python shell that 
exposes all of Python but also includes some builtin commands such as 
cd, mkdir, etc., that are just names bound to os.chdir, os.mkdir..., and 
is smart enough to take a given command from the user and try to do a 
os.system() on it based on the path. IOW, I'd love to have all of Python 
available as my unix shell, while still doing shell-type stuff such as 
traversing directories, launching applications, etc.

There's likely a project that does this already that I'm just unaware of.

Paul McNett

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