anygui,anydb, any opinions?

Paul Rubin http
Wed Jun 1 23:01:24 CEST 2005

"Thomas Bartkus" <tom at> writes:
> > Given that for the most part nobody in the Python community has a
> > handle on any other Python person's paycheck, it's unlikely that
> > enough of the community can be convinced that a VB-like
> > development environment would be a "killer app" for Python and
> > thus motivated to go produce one.
> Judging by the message traffic alluded to by the original poster, I'm hardly
> the only one with this particular itch. AND there is clearly a substantial
> development effort in this direction. Apparently, a few in the community are
> convinced of the worth.

Are we talking about a drag-and-drop GUI builder?  What about Glade?

Or do you mean a fancy IDE?  There's a Python plug-in for Eclipse, but
I haven't tried it yet.

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