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Wed Jun 1 23:00:05 CEST 2005

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>     Thomas> The Python world lacks the phenomenally successful development
>     Thomas> models enjoyed by the now ancient Turbo Pascal, Delphi and
>     Thomas> <gasp> Visual Basic.
>     Thomas>     AND
>     Thomas> If the likes of Visual Basic can have it, then it becomes
>     Thomas> really, *really* hard to convince the world that Python is a
>     Thomas> serious, professional system.
> Remember, in the open source community we all pretty much just scratch our
> itches.

I haven't forgotten!

> Given that for the most part nobody in the Python community has a
> handle on any other Python person's paycheck, it's unlikely that enough of
> the community can be convinced that a VB-like development environment
> be a "killer app" for Python and thus motivated to go produce one.

Judging by the message traffic alluded to by the original poster, I'm hardly
the only one with this particular itch. AND there is clearly a substantial
development effort in this direction. Apparently, a few in the community are
convinced of the worth.

I think we need to get over this "killer app" jazz.  How about plain old
productivity?  How do we enjoy the rapid and effective algorithm production
that Python affords us if one must pay back that productivity on an
effective and tediously acquired user interface. I rather think reducing the
code needed to produce a useful user interface frees up considerable effort
better spent on the programming problems we use Python for.

> Apparently, most Python people feel productive enough without such a tool.
As did many with Fortran. Or Cobol. Are we now so productive that there is
no longer an unmet need for new/better software?  Do we stop here?  Is
Python a comfortable place for the Luddites hang out.

I think not.
Thomas Bartkus

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