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Fri Jun 10 01:34:58 CEST 2005

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>I am somewhat nonplussed

Since you reponded, I will mention a couple points of newsgroup ettiquete.

First, a bare URL is or is close to being spam.  It could have been spit 
out automatically by an seller program.  It requires that readers go thru 
the bother of starting a browser, and possibly establishing a connection in 
order to decide whether they want to go to the bother of starting a browser 
and possibly establishing a connection.

So URLs should be accompanied by the bare minimum of info needed to decide 
make such a decision.  This applies even to posts announcing giveaways (of 
code, for instance).  For a book, author, title, date, price (incl. 
shipping), and ship-from location should be about enough.

Second, a person posting a sales link, even if such is allowed, should 
identify himself (truthfully) as the seller, a friend, or just an 
interested observer or reviewer.

> I'm sorry if you took offence.

Perhaps you have never seen a newgroup ruined by commercial announcements 
like I have.

Terry J. Reedy

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