List of all installed applications (XP)?

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Thu Jun 23 12:39:55 CEST 2005

[Guy Lateur]
| I'm trying to generate a (exhaustive) list of all the 
| applications that are 
| installed on a user's machine. I've written some code that reads the 
| registry ('App Paths'):

[.. snip code ..]

| Can I be sure it lists *all* the applications?

What -- from your point of view -- is an "application"? I can pretty
much guarantee that by no means does every app install an AppPath: it's
merely a convenience. Neither does every app have an Add/Remove Program
entry. (And some things have entries which aren't apps). And where do
you draw the line between some arbitrary executable and an app?

Just asking, because I don't think you can do anything exhaustive
until you know the scope you're trying to exhaust.


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