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Wed Jun 8 18:52:25 CEST 2005

Fernando Perez < at> writes:

> Rahul wrote:
>> Hi.
>> The reason is simple enough. I plan to do some academic research
>> related to computer algebra for which i need some package which i can
>> call as a library. Since i am not going to use the package
>> myself..(rather my program will) will be helpful to have a python
>> package since i wanted to write the thing in python. if none is
>> available then probably i will need to work on an interface to some
>> package written in some other language or work in that language itself.
> I've heard of people writing a Python MathLink interface to Mathematica, which
> essentially turns Mathematica into a Python module.  But I don't have any
> references handy, sorry, and as far as I remember it was done as a private
> contract.  But it's doable.

It should also be doable with Maple, using the OpenMaple API. I've
looked at it, and it should be possible. I haven't had the time to
actually do anything, though :-)

|David M. Cooke

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