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Mon Jun 13 18:19:58 CEST 2005

[Grumman wrote]
> alexrait1 wrote:
> > I need an IDE for python that has the ability to show the filds of a
> > class when I write "."
> > Just the way it works in eclipse/JBuilder with java or visual studio
> > with c++
> > For now I treid eric3 and IDLE they don't do this...
> > 
> The ActiveState python editor (pythonwin?) does this.

To be clear: ActivePython (ActiveState's distro of Python) includes the
PyWin32 extensions by default on Windows. PyWin32 is an open source set
of extensions for Python on Windows. The PyWin32 extensions include a
Python editor called Pythonwin.

ActiveState also has a product called Komodo that is an IDE for a number
of dynamic languages: Python, Perl, PHP, Tcl, etc.

For Visual Studio users, ActiveState also has a VS.NET plugin for Python
(Visual Python), and plugins for Perl and XSLT as well.


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