Database recommendations for Windows app

Cameron Laird claird at
Wed Jun 22 20:08:03 CEST 2005

In article <UJgue.20$jv6.1349 at>, Dan  <dan at> wrote:
>> You wouldn't have to distribute the (rather expensive) Access application
>> since this is little more than a front for the underlying DAO/ADO database
>> libraries that are built into the warp and woof of MS Windows.  Your Python
>> application can address the DAO or ADO directly as these will libraries will
>> be pre-installed and/or freely available for MS Windows.  Fast, freely
>> available, no license restrictions, and no need for extra downloads for a
>> reasonably recent (Win2000, XP) operating system.
>And then XP Autoupdate executes, some of those Access/MSDE libraries are 
>updated, and you app is broken.

Are you saying that Python-based applications are particularly
vulnerable in this all-too-common scenario?  If so, I'm not
getting it; why is the architecture described more fragile than
more traditional Windows-oriented development patterns?  If not,
then, ... well then I truly don't get your point.

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