ANN: PyDev 0.9.5 released

Edvard Majakari edvard+news at
Wed Jun 29 12:08:30 CEST 2005

Dave Cook <davecook at> writes:

>> PyDev - Python IDE (Python Development Enviroment for Eclipse) version
>> 0.9.5 has just been released.
> Does it work with the newly released Eclipse 3.1?

Seems to work for me (but I've only coded one smallish Python program with it)

# Edvard Majakari		Software Engineer
# PGP PUBLIC KEY available    	Soli Deo Gloria!

$_ = '456476617264204d616a616b6172692c20612043687269737469616e20'; print
join('',map{chr hex}(split/(\w{2})/)),uc substr(crypt(60281449,'es'),2,4),"\n";

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