McMillan Installer vs. Python 2.4

Giovanni Bajo noway at
Thu Mar 31 02:34:24 CEST 2005

mrmakent at wrote:

> 1. Does anyone know why McMillan Installer 5b5 does not work with
> Python 2.4 under Linux (works with Python 2.3 just fine), and how to
> fix it?

No, sorry. I know for a fact that it does not work out of the box for Windows
because of the prebuilt executables (run*.exe) which are compiled with VC6 and
must be recompiled with VC7.1. After that, it works for me with Python 2.4.

> 2. Will anyone be picking up the maintenance and development ball for
> McMillan Installer?

I hope someone eventually will. Meanwhile, we got a python24.dll which is 1.8Mb
so that the py2exe guys are happy. Sigh. I hope this wasn't done only for the
sake of py2exe though: it would be just wrong to hurt everybody for the sake of
those installers that can't do a single executable.
Giovanni Bajo

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